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Dynatemp International, Inc. distributes a variety of refrigerants to heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration wholesale locations. Dynatemp offers its customers quick lead times by utilizing a network of warehouse locations positioned throughout the country. To ensure that our customers receive first-rate time and attention, Dynatemp partners with professional sales agents, like McAllister Group, that have an excellent record of customer service.

Dynatemp offers many refrigerant choices and would be happy to quote your next order. Contact your local McAllister Group territory manager for current pricing.

For product details, EPA Regulations, refrigerant application charts, literature and factory contact information, visit

R421A Comparison

The DYNACYCLE Program is an initiative to provide pure, environmentally friendly products for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. DYNACYCLE gases are restored to a pure form, reducing carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions, the leading cause of ozone depletion.

The program offers Wholesalers and Contractors a unique opportunity to be rewarded for their recovered R22. Learn more and sign up today by visit the DYNACYCLE website: