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Our mission consists in providing for all OEMs and installers of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems throughout the world innovative products and systems to manage condensate water. The position of market leader has been won and is guarded on the basis of the following fundamentals:

A specific positioning: - A recognized brand and a market niche that give the Sauermann Group a real strategic asset, buoyed by an air conditioning market in constant progression and a heating market subject to innovation, technological progress and the renewal of equipment.

An unwavering focus on innovation: - A comprehensive and constantly improved range of products and services resulting from listening to the aspirations and expectations of its natural client base (distributors and OEMs) and installers, wherever they are in the world.

A rigorous and continuous Quality approach: - International competition and the trend towards worldwide standardisation are such that it is no long sufficient to be content just with satisfying our customer’s needs and expectations.

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